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John Stevens Retreat October 2021

There is much more to a beautiful Italic than just holding your pen at 45°, following the skeletal shapes. Italic consists of a
central theme with a wide variety of form possibilities. There is no “one size fits all.” With a good understanding of letter
design and structure, one can make variations as needed. Some would call this approach “living letters” as opposed to a fixed “font idea,” that most laymen have of our craft. This class will be a part craft and part design.We will write text and work on the design of words focusing on: Refinement of form, establishing a steady rhythm, exploring rhythms, exploring variations. There are technical moves, techniques that will add refinement to your letters. We will spend time on analysis of historical hands, using elements from your handwriting, and form modification.
Variations: Maybe, even learning to “free-up” our Italic or
calligraphy in general or learn how to adapt your Italic to suit a piece, or make Italic more personally yours. Insights: Form, Rhythm, and Movement apply to all styles of lettering,
including Italic. Beyond the apparent form, there are adjustments to contour, tweaks to details, or overall form modification to make our work more personal. We can modify and design
letterforms to be several things, either to make it more fitting with the content or to be more expressive and individualistic.

Matching capitals: From a useful simple set of capitals to perhaps something more elaborate, the beginning of flourishing. Consider the page or space, including placement of lines,
asenders, and descenders, which can even become flourishes. Frequently, the ascenders and descenders are not working well together in a piece of Italic that would otherwise be fine.

John Stevens Retreat

Italic: Beyond 45 degrees

Four Day Calligraphy Retreat at
Deer Creek State Park Lodge, Mt. Sterling, Ohio
October 6-10, 2021

Registration is limited to 20 students, filling by registration date.
This is a full four-day workshop. All lodging is private, no doubles.
Arrive Wed., Oct. 6th by 5pm / Depart Sun., Oct. 10th at 5pm

Cost of Workshop & Private Room: CGC Member – Private $1025
Joining member – Private $1050 •Non-member – Private $1125
Mail $400 deposit check, payable to: Calligraphy Guild of Columbus
to: Sandy Schaadt, 671 Glacier Pass, Westerville, OH 43081
Or visit: for PayPal payment (w/fee)
By Sept. 8, balance due, or request refund, less $100

Included: 4 Days of class instruction • 4 Night stay in private room
Welcoming dinner Wed. night • Classroom open evenings
WiFi • Cable TV • Indoor pool • Exercise room • Gift Shop
Wooded walking trails • Fall Color • Relaxing veranda lake views
On site restaurant meals are billed separately to your account


Carol Kimball at 614-581-4468 or

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