Sharon Hanse

2019 October 19-20

Get illuminated with Sharon Hanse as she takes us step by step through the design and painting of illuminated letters. Versals are the letters used to indicate the beginning of a verse or emphasize a portion of text. Over time, the beginning or initial letters of text were made larger and/or colored to separate divisions in the text, headings, and new chapters.

As these letters became more and more elaborate, embellishments such as flowers, figures, animals, various patterns and/or gold were added. Versals were designed to be used as illuminated letters but majuscules from any letter style can be used. By enlarging or distorting the form, one can create areas to be filled with designs or patterns. The decoration added to letters can be as simple or as ornate as you like. Though the decorative elements should complement the text and create a cohesive unit. They are usually exaggerated in some way. They can be used as portions of titles or anywhere you wish to add a little impact. We will study a simple versal form and then explore tricks and ways to create your own variations.

Columbus, Ohio – Since 1981

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